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Why Kitties Purr and More Interesting Facts about Cats!

February 7, 2017

Alright people, these are mysteries of the universe here! We are very attached to our feline friends and we wanted to put together a blog that explores all the interesting facts about cats that you can handle. We hope you find this blog both interesting and informative!

Cats have their own language and they only talk to humans.

Meowing is actually a language developed by cats to communicate with their owners. Cats that live together typically don’t meow or “talk” to each other and groups of feral cats are almost completely silent. In recent studies, owners were able to interpret different sounds and meows from their cat relaying what they wanted. So who really owns who here, huh?

interesting facts about cats

Ladies are right-handed and Gentlemen are left-handed.

What? That’s right, you heard it. Cats are similar to people in that they have a dominant hand…or paw, more specifically. Even though this seems like a fun piece of “Is it actually true?” trivia, it does have a scientific basis. A study done in Ireland proved that female cats were all right-handed, with one case of a feisty one refusing to take part in the study. And all the males in the study were left-handed, with a sole cat showing an ambidextrous proclivity.

The purpose of the purrrrrrrrr.

If you thought that cats only purr when they’re happy, you would only be partly right. Even though we still don’t know how cats actually make the sound, it is linked with a behavior that cats like. In essence, through purring, the cat it telling you to continue whatever it is you’re doing, petting them, cuddling them, etc. But cats purr in other situations too, like when they are scared or hurt. Researchers think this is because cats purr at a frequency of 26 hertz, the same frequency that’s been found to promote healing in bone and other body tissues. So cats are either trying to heal or maybe comfort themselves. They have also been found that cats will curl around another animal that is injured or scared, trying to help perhaps? Just in case we needed another reason to love these furry creatures!

We hope you enjoyed this blog and learned some interesting facts about cats in the process! Wow all your friends with your newfound knowledge and remember to keep up to date with our posts.

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