Easy to Train Dog Breeds for First-Time Owners

We know that the first few months of owning a new puppy are sometimes the hardest! Sticking to a training schedule and teaching your newest family member right from wrong is a long process, no matter how much your love your pup! That’s why some breeds are better than others for not only brand new […]

Dog Training – The First Steps for Any New Owner

The beginning of dog ownership is filled with lots of love and cuddles, but it’s also the foundation for how your newest family member will behave over its lifetime. Here at Petland, we want to make sure you have all your bases covered when starting dog training with your new puppy. So if you have […]

Why Kitties Purr and More Interesting Facts about Cats!

Alright people, these are mysteries of the universe here! We are very attached to our feline friends and we wanted to put together a blog that explores all the interesting facts about cats that you can handle. We hope you find this blog both interesting and informative! Cats have their own language and they only […]

HB144 – House Bill 144 – The Facts You Need to Know!

HB 144 – GA Retail Pet Store Purchase Protection Act, What’s at Stake? Without HB 144, the only vaccine a retail pet store must give is a rabies shot. With HB 144, animals will be vaccinated against as many as nine diseases. Without HB 144, retail pet stores can purchase dogs and cats from problem […]

Customers and Friends Help Us Support HB144

HB144 – House Bill 144 Customers and Friends Help Us Support HB144 Dear Customers and Friends of all retail pet stores in GA, Your help is needed to voice your support on legislation protecting consumers, pets, and consumer choice. A national trade association for the retail pet industry is working with several different retailers and […]

Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds – Small Pups for Your Family!

Good Afternoon, fellow animal lovers! Today, we want to talk dive a little bit deeper in talking about which small breeds of dogs fit well with families that have small children. With so many breeds out there to choose from, it can be a hard decision to make. But don’t worry, Petland Racine is experienced […]

Shih Tzus – What Do You Know about the Revered “Lion Dog”?

Hello lovelies and welcome to our newest breed blog! We hope you’re ready and raring to go about our latest subject, the mysterious, yet lovable, Shih Tzu! We’ve done several breeds already, but this one really tugs at our heart strings! This breed has been around for a very long time and once you take […]

The Maltese – Fun Facts about this Aristocratic Breed!

Greetings, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the next segment of our breed blogs! Please kindly don your crowns and jewels as we talk about the most aristocratic and richest breed of dog in all the land, the incomparable Maltese! Now, you may think that the Maltese is just a fluffy lap dog, which is […]

The Labrador Retriever – America’s Favorite Dog Breed!

There are probably very few people that haven’t encountered a Labrador Retriever at least once in their lives. Many people have had these lovable companions over the years or had friends and family have them. There are many reasons why the Labrador has been the “top dog” of America’s most popular breeds for 24 consecutive […]

The Dachshund: Remarkable Facts about this Fierce Breed

Hello again all you dog lovers! Time for the next installment of our breed blogs! The pup we’re thinking of this week is a quirky-shaped, fiercely loyal dog with a big personality in a small package. Do you know which breed it is yet? The Dachshund! That’s right, the Dachshund has long been a popular […]

Pomsky Puppies – Why You Need One of These Pups in Your Life!

The Pomsky puppy quickly took over the list of hottest breeds of 2016 and it’s looking like 2017 will be no different! And that’s why the Pomsky puppy is going to be the subject of our next breed blog, the first of the New Year! Petland Racine always has Pomsky puppies for sale! What is a […]

The Siberian Husky – Cool Facts About this Majestic Breed!

Baby, it’s cold outside, so what better time to have our breed blog about the Siberian Husky? We may think the weather outside is frightful, but Huskies love this time of year and we want to give you some very interesting facts about this snow-loving breed! Petland Racine always has Siberian Husky puppies for sale, […]

The German Shepherd Dog – Interesting Facts About this Honorable Breed!

Okay, ladies and gentleman! The holidays are almost upon us and there’s just enough time for another one of our breed blogs before Christmas! The breed we will be focusing on today is the fiercely intelligent and loyal German Shepherd Dog! Not only has this breed been a beloved pet of Americans for many years, […]

The Fiesty Chihuahua – Interesting Facts about this Saucy Pup!

This breed of dog is one of the most recognizable, due to its starring roles in Taco Bell commercials, movies like Legally Blonde and Geico commercials. But no matter what, this feisty little breed can make quite an impression on people! With famous past owners, such as Marilyn Monroe, it’s no wonder why this breed […]

Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies – A Whole Bunch of Cuteness in a Small Package!

Thanks for joining us on our breed blog of the day, we will be talking about the very popular Miniature Goldendoodle! Now, as you may know, the Miniature Goldendoodle is the smallest version of the Goldendoodle family, but it’s no less loved by people all across America for its sweet and loving personality and small […]

The English Bulldog – Fun Facts About this Snorty Breed!

Welcome to the next segment of our very popular ‘spotlight on breeds’ blog series! Our very special breed that we’ll be learning about today is one of the most recognizable breeds in the dog world, the English Bulldog! Even though you might know this breed’s physical characteristics, do you know their history? Read along to […]

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Noble Facts About this Regal Breed!

Welcome to our fourth installment in our “all about dogs” breed series! This blog will be about the very majestic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! With their sweet disposition and adorable big brown eyes, it’s easy to see why this breed has been captivating hearts since the 1500s. But few know about their long and storied […]

The Golden Retriever – Friendly Facts About America’s Cuddliest Breed!

We hope you’ll enjoy this next installment of our breed series blog! It’s no mystery why the Golden Retriever is so popular. The well-mannered, fun-loving dogs are a hit with children and adults alike. The Golden Retriever is the 3rd favorite dog in America, only after the Labrador Retriever and The German Shepherd. Here at […]

The Yorkshire Terrier – Interesting Facts About this Tiny Breed!

The Yorkshire Terrier is the 6th favorite breed in America and for good reason! These pint-sized pups are as feisty as they are lovable and they have a very interesting past. Read along as we increase your breed knowledge with these fun facts about the Yorkshire Terrier! Here at Petland Racine, we always have Yorkie […]

The French Bulldog – Charming Facts About this Charming Breed!

As anyone who’s been in our store knows, we have a special affinity for a snorty, drooly and fat-faced little breed of dog called the French Bulldog! Even if you don’t frequent our store, it’s impossible not to have seen this quirky little breed in the tabloids beside their famous owners like Lady Gaga, Hugh […]

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