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The Pomsky

The Pomsky is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky to create a dog that looks like a Husky in miniature.  This small to medium-sized dog with a beautiful coat is one that loves to always be the center of attention. It uses its adorable looks to get what it wants. If you are on the lookout for a cute small dog with high intelligence and do not mind its high need for mental stimulation, the Pomsky is your go-to dog any day and anytime.


The Pomsky is the perfect mix between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. This breed’s origination had a very unique beginning. In March of 2012, breeders Tressa Peterson and Joline Phillips were credited with developing the Pomsky by way of artificial insemination. This was accomplished by using a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. This highly lovable dog has since grown in popularity and is enjoyed by many families around the world.

When you have two amazing parent dogs, it is no surprise that their offspring is just amazing. The Pomsky is a very mild-tempered, non-aggressive, loving, and friendly dog who enjoys being around his family and other pets. They have a very approachable demeanor and tend to bond quickly with their family. They love children and truly do make a great family pet that adapts well to conventional style homes and apartments.

Pomsky owners will need to make sure their dog’s coat is adequately cared for and maintained. This will take some work as they have thick double coats. Their coats are designed to insulate them in both hot and cold weather. The colors of their luxurious coats vary from grey and white, brown or reddish-brown, and solid white and blue. The Pomsky does shed, especially in the summer months, which makes daily brushing an important part of his care routine. One bath every three to four weeks will help keep his coat looking its best. By taking the time to keep up with his care will allow for one very handsome dog.

The Pomsky is a perceptive breed that enjoys being physically and mentally challenged. They love learning new things, and have an energetic eagerness to participate in a broad array of activities which make them well suited for multiple performance sports such as Agility, Racing, Obedience, Rally, Scent Work, Weight Pull, Dock Diving, and Carting. Is is important to have a plan to channel the breed’s energy into positive activities through training.  A gentle hand, positive reinforcement, proper early socialization and training throughout their lives is very beneficial.

The Pomsky is an active dog with a medium-high energy level. Regular exercise and doing activities together, both physically and mentally, strengthens the bond between dog and owner, and helps to avoid potential destructive behavior. Pomsky often enjoy doing performance sports or exploring life with their people in many activities such as camping, hiking, climbing, swimming, boating, kayaking, and even on paddle boards! For those who live in a more urban setting, or have a more sedate lifestyle, daily walks or a game of fetch can also provide great exercise. Pomsky are foremost loving companion dogs who form strong bonds with their family and are as happy playfully interacting with their owners exploring the outdoors as they are relaxing lovingly on the laps of their youthful or elderly owners. Like many dog breeds, Pomsky are curious, clever, fast and sneaky, and may have a high prey drive, so it is important to keep the dog on a leash or in a securely fenced area at all times when outside of the home. Pomsky are not suitable for people who cannot spend time with their dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an inquisitive, social breed that likes its people. If you are not around you should always crate your Pomsky puppy so it is not able to get into trouble.  Leaving a Pomsky alone for a long period makes it bored and destructive.

Being a very active dog, Pomsky needs quite a lot of mental stimulation and exercise. It is highly energetic and loves to play a lot so in terms of exercise, yes; the Pomsky requires as much as it can get.

You need to plan for the physical and social needs of your pet, no matter which breed you get.  This breed requires more from its owner than more sedentary breeds.  If you have a busy schedule and cannot spend intentional time with your puppy where you are exercising it and meeting the dog’s social needs, it is not advisable to get a Pomsky.

No. Pomsky has a thick and double covered coat which it sheds completely each year, this will likely be an issue for humans who are allergic to dog hair or dander.

First-time dog owners can certainly thrive with a Pomsky, although this breed demands more from its owners compared to other, more laid-back or agreeable breeds. However, with a well-established plan and schedule that enables the owner to consistently exercise, train, and bond with their Pomsky, it can indeed be a suitable choice.

A Pomskies size is mainly dependent on that of its parents, its generation, litter size, and gender. Most will grow to be between 15 to 30 pounds.

Regular brushing of the coat is required for the Pomsky, at least once a week and preferably twice weekly. Once it is time for shedding, grooming increases to like 4 to 5 times a week.

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