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Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier

If you have the time and patience to devote and train these little dogs, you will find that they have many wonderful qualities that make them an ideal family dog. They’re devoted to their families, especially children, and love being with them. They are so cheerful, spirited, friendly, and utterly fearless. Jack Russells can learn tricks, play fetch until you drop, run an agility course, and just plain wear you out with their energy. In fact, they have so much energy that they won’t be satisfied with just a stroll around the block. You’ll need to plan on at least 30 to 40 minutes of vigorous daily exercise. Be prepared for an energetic, high-maintenance best friend with a vivacious personality.


The Jack Russell Terrier was developed in Devonshire by a 19th Century English clergyman named Parson John Russell, “Jack” to his friends. He wanted an efficient hunting dog and decided to design the dog he had in mind. The result was an athletic, exuberant dog who won hunters over with its intelligence, determination, and intense desire to hunt. Jack Russells were used primarily to hunt small game, particularly the red fox, which they would dig out of their den. The Jack Russell is also known as the Parson Russell Terrier. The working types remain Jack Russells while the American show types are known as the Parson Russell Terrier.

Living with a Jack Russell Terrier requires you to be an outdoorsy fun and spontaneous person/family. The Jack Russell Terrier high energy levels keep it up and about and they fit perfectly right into a home with a big yard, lots of spaces and a large fence since they love to dig. The Jack Russell Terrier doesn’t sit quietly as they prefer to go on long runs or play a game of fetch.

The Jack Russell Terrier is not a breed for a couch-potato family. High energy levels and a robust personality make this an excellent choice of breed for an outdoorsy family who takes lots of hikes, bike rides, and long daily walks. Finding games he loves to play will help keep his brain and his body exercised. A tired Jack Russell Terrier is a good JRT. With an almost limitless supply of energy, this makes a great companion dog for children who understand dogs. The breed has retained a strong prey drive so should be very well socialized early on to circumvent any problems that might result from that trait.

The Russell Terrier’s rough and ready appearance is easily maintained. Coats come in three types: smooth, broken, and rough. The dense, short, smooth coat can be kept looking great with an all-over rubdown with a soft brush or a hound glove once a week. The rough and broken coats will require going over with a brush or a dog comb weekly but are kept mostly natural, with minimal grooming. The Russell’s nails should be trimmed monthly, and his ears checked weekly for debris or excess wax and cleaned as needed.

The first tool one must have when training a Jack Russell Terrier is a good sense of humor. They are extremely intelligent and love to work on problems and play games. They bore easily, so training sessions must be kept entertaining if you want them to learn. They master tricks easily and love entertaining people by performing. They throw themselves into any job or activity with the same dedication they were bred to have for hunting purposes. They are great choices for canine sports such as agility, flyball, obedience, rally, and even lure coursing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Jack Russell Terrier is generally very healthy dogs but they can be prone to deafness, patellar luxation, glaucoma, etc.

The dogs are very intelligent, they love to learn; they enjoy exercises that allow them to disburse energy. They love food which can be a motivation for training. Once you have the patience to train them or have them taken to a trainer, you’d be better for it.

Dental hygiene is very important for this breed because it does a lot of chewing. To prevent tartar buildup, you must brush his teeth at least three times a week, daily is better.

The Jack Russell Terrier comes in white, tricolor (white, tan and black), white with tan or black markings.

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