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Megan S.

Customer Comments: Petland is a great store and I love everything they have as well as the employees! highly recommended!

Wendy K.

Customer Comments: Just bought an English Bulldog here... The staff is great and she is the best!

Cheska V.

Customer Comments: Adorable puppies will soon go get one for myself 😍

Alexandria M.

Customer Comments: hi meet charlie he is the cutest doggy in the world and such a teddy wait really he breed is a teddy bear a mix between a shih tzu and a bichon! he love to snuggle with his mommy and daddy. When we get home he always greets us by licking our face for like 20 min lol. he also is very unique his skin is PINK thats right PINK lol its the cutest thing ever!! he has the cutest under bite you've ever see and you can see it every time he smiles he also loves posing for the camera like a little movie star!

Rachael D.

Customer Comments: I have heard many different things about Pet Land, when visiting family in racine I had to stop and see for myself. I enjoyed the environment very much and absolutley loved all the pets. I ended up investing in several things for my cutest puppy. The people were friendly and you could really tell they cared alot about there job. The employees were also very knowledgable of the items I was looking at. I will be there again to get my hubbys new puppy!!!!

Kristen S.

Customer Comments: Choo Choo is my 8 month old male Chiweenie pup. He is one of the strongest pups ever. He is so sweet, and he loves kids. Whenever Choo wants a treat, all he has to do is sit pretty, and you just give in. When he is done getting his treats, he loves to cuddle afterwards. Truly an awesome dog. Mama loves you Choo. Also, Petland is a wonderful place to get your pup. They do whatever they can to make sure your experience is the best you can possibly have. Thanks Petland for such an amazing pup!

Kaylie V.

Customer Comments: I always hear good stuff about petland. And in the near future I plan to get a new puppy and this will be my number one place to go!

Christian C.

Customer Comments: 2014 Cutest Puppy Contest: My name is Christian, and I believe that Romeo, my Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix, should make a spot on the top three for the contest. We are happily living in Milwaukee, just two blocks from Leon's custard. He is incredibly handsome for only being 7 months old, and he is the unbreakable link in my family. He brings our family together in so many ways, and he deserves to be shown to others. He originally came from Iowa, and I adopted him into the family when he was three months old. He loves to play with squeeky toys and jumping on top of you when you least expect it. If he wins a prize from this contest, he will be recieving all of the money for himself, which will cover toys and upcoming appointments. Thank you for giving Romeo the chance to be shown to many others, and I hope he wins himself a prize!

Stephanie K.

Customer Comments: My puppy Chewie and I are entering the look-alike contest. I named her after Chewbacca and it was funny how me and her have the same coloring of hair when it wasn't on purpose. She has black on the tips of her ears and I have black on my bottom layering. She is my little furbaby. I was told that I may never be able to have my own children so having her in my life has been such a joy. I thank Petland for being a great store to go to whenever I have advice about what products/food to get for my puppy. They understand that as an owner, my pet means the world to me and that the advice I receive is advice I take seriously. I recommend this store highly and hope the public also enjoys the picture I submitted of me and my puppy. Chewie lights up my life with her cuteness and hope she can lighten up anyone who looks at her because she is one special pup :)

Kenzie P.

Customer Comments: Look alike contest, great opportunities to win some awesome prizes! Love going here with my pets!

Liz K.

Customer Comments: Great store, friendly workers, and very patient. Clean and organized through out the store. My puppy Olive is the cutest, well just because lol. She is three breeds mixed into one: Catahoula leopard, Retreiver, and Lab. She is the perfect size and very soft coat with a mix of every brown and black there is.

Stephanie B.

Customer Comments: So far the customer service! I set up an appointment for tomorrow to meet with a Siberian Huskey that I've always wanted! I'm so excited! I'm so glad I was referred!! :)

Dennis T.

Customer Comments: I have the cutest puppies because they are extremely cuddly. They are also pretty smart dogs to! I have a 1 1/2 year old pitbull/beagle mixed, Bentley. I also have a 1 1/2 year old Pitbull Mercedes. If you were able to meet these babies you would instantly fall in love!

Rachael R.

Customer Comments: My puppy Willow is the cutest puppy in Wisconsin because of her cute head turn when she hears someone come inside or hears noises. she is a bundle of joy but is a trouble maker every day but she is a very smart dog considering her breed is a blue heeler.

Amanda L.

Customer Comments: the animals here are well cared for and looked after. all the puppies get medical care from the vet they have and they all get vaccinated and dewormed at the store. the kittens get vaccinated and tested for feline aids and feline lukima before they ever go up for sale. no matter how much bad hype this store gets, they take amazing care of the animals there. all the puppy are from actual breeders, not a single one is from a mill or farm.

Shane T.

Customer Comments: I love Petland! Always friendly and helpful. They have everything I need for my dog.

Anne P.

Customer Comments: I love shopping at Petland they always have everything I need for my furry family members. Everyone is very helpful and nice! Our puppy Wyatt is the cutest bestest puppy. He has brought so much happiness to our family. He loves to chew on chewies (and kids toys) and he loves to go places with our family and play at the dog park with all the other dogs. Even though he is only 11 months old he is very protective of our children. We love our rescue very much! Anne Pulvermacher

Nicole S.

Customer Comments: Awesome staff and expierence. We love our new puupy....make sure you see Monica she's the best!!!!!

Tom C.

Customer Comments: Outstanding service.

Jordan W.

Customer Comments: I LOVE going into petland just to spend hours in there with all the puppies. The workers there are also friendly and extremely helpful with all your needs. Ive gotten one dog from petland, he was truly the best dog ever and if i ever had any questions about him i knew Petland would have answers im looking for. Great Place!!

Sandy W.

Customer Comments: I always have a great experience at Petland! Just purchased my 3rd dog from here. Happy Valentines to me!

Jennifer T.

Customer Comments: Very friendly staff,very helpful. Made our experience very pleasant. Great job guys.

Melissa M.

Customer Comments: Puppy contest! I sent in a photo of me and my puppy Zoey! Review: I love Petland- they always post the cutest pictures of puppies! I've heard only great things about their service and genuine love for their animals!

Alyssa B.

Customer Comments: My Alphie is the cutest real life teddy bear. He loves to cuddle and snuggle with everyone!

Thanks for running the contest. What a fantastic idea!

Coley K.

Customer Comments: Everyone that works at petland is very nice and helping. Brooke is very sweet and helpful, she does an outstanding job at what she does at petland. She knows what shes talking about and she did a great job helping us. We are very happy with our new puppy! :)

Alyssa W.

Customer Comments: Love to go look at the puppy's nice staff hopefully c ok ming to get a puppy soon

Ashley L.

Customer Comments: I haven't been here yet, but I will definitely visit because all your puppies are too adorable! And from seeing your website, I know that the puppies are in great care before they are bought.

Jenii K.

Customer Comments: We bought our puppy, Bear, about 3 years ago from Petland. When I first saw him, I fell in love and absolutely had to have him! We are hoping that you will consider him for the Cutest Puppy Contest! Bear is so involved in our everyday lives, and everyone that meets him instantly falls in love with him! Its hard to not love a face like his!

Em S.

Customer Comments: Has everything I need. Awesome place. Love the products they have available. I definitely suggest this place to pet lovers just like me

Jake T.

Customer Comments: Got the cutest puppy here. She was very hard to find. The customer service was awesome. Very friendly and made me feel like my purchase was secure

Denise P.

Customer Comments: My fiancé and I have never own any pets so getting a puppy was a huge decision. When we enter Petland we were not planning on getting one either, but after playing with Rocky for a few minutes we fell in love with his personality. Petland made it really easy and made sure we had everything we needed for our first new puppy. To this day Rocky is the best puppy we could have ever asked for. He is very playful, outgoing, and he is always making us laugh. He is always doing silly things but what we love the most about our Rocky is that every time we arrived from work he is always so happy to see us and he doesn’t stop jumping on us until we cradle him and he gives each of us a huge “kiss” on our cheek. Even if we don’t win we know in our hearts we won something more than a prize because we have Rocky and he is the best present we could ever ask for.

Shannon M.

Customer Comments: I am submitting my 7 month old cockapoo, Simba, for the cutest puppy contest! My (very close) grandmother was always a dog lover and she passed away in March with Alzheimer's disease. My family has never had a dog before, but after she passed my dad decided to get my mom a dog as something to take care of in place of caring for her mother. So, my dad and brother drove to Pennsylvania and picked up our pup! He is such a joy! He gets so excited whenever he sees us and loves to snuggle! He also love to chase us around the yard and he jumps up and dances with us on his hind legs! He has made a difficult time for our family a little bit easier each and every day with his continued love and compassion for his owners.

Peter B.

Customer Comments: We would like to thank Petland Racine for bringing us together with our Great Dane puppy Lilly. She is just as cuddly as when we brought her home. She loves her spot on the (entire) couch. She will be celebrating her second birthday on the 27th of December.

Jacob D.

Customer Comments: My Husband and I had a great experience at Petland. Customer service was great! All the staffs were very professional and informative. It is a very friendly place and recommend everyone to visit Petland if you are looking to bring home a new family member. We felt very comfortable and confident before we left and received everything we needed to take care of our new family member. Thank Petland! We love our little shiba inu!

Melinda J.

Customer Comments: Petland is a wonderful store to visit. It is very clean and well-organized and the level of care they give to the animals is fantastic. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and are more than happy to assist you. Thumbs up!

Kim K.

Customer Comments: Cutest Puppy contest: My Cavaton puppy, Iris, should win this contest because she is so sweet and very intelligent. She came to me via a plane ride from Nebraska. She loves playing fetch, running around with other dogs at the park, and going everywhere she can with her Mom. Petland is a great place to go for all your pet's food and treats. Iris loves to come shopping here!

Rose A.

Customer Comments: Great place! I have the cutest puppy in Wisconsin her name is Ruby and she loves to be the center of attention at all times and lives to be pampered! She loves to cuddle and watching TV is her favorite pastime! She is a total DIVA and a true gem worthy of her name!

Connie H.

Customer Comments: My puppy is the cutest little fuzzball I've ever seen! For years I've wanted a dog and my dream finally came true thanks to Petland. Ever since we got our new puppy, he has brought joy to everyone who sees him. Not only for his adorable looks, but also the way he acts! He loves playing with all his many toys which includes a teddy bear his size! If it wasn't for him, our Christmas wouldn't be as much fun and crazy :>

Taylor G.

Customer Comments: This is for the Pet Look Alike Contest!! My name is Taylor Gross and I have a Border Collie named Callie!! I love going to petland and seeing all the puppies! They have the best dog items with great rates! All employees are kind and are willing to help you out!

Daina B.

Customer Comments: We went into Petland just to use the restroom....but we instantly fell in love with our girl Nina....We couldn't leave without her. The experience was amazing!! The staff was so nice and informed us of everything we needed to know as far as shots, discounted vets, pedigree's etc. I could not imagine my life without her. Thank you so much Petland!!! You made our family complete.

Jessica B.

Customer Comments: Great customer service, very clean and great deals! Also a lot of help if you are a first time dog owner! Thanks people of Petland Racine!

Stephanie K.

Customer Comments: Love this place!!! Very friendly and very good care of their animals!!!! I worked with Kendra and couldn't be happier. I will definitely be referring anyone here. We will be back for any of our pet needs. Thanks Petland Racine!!!

Maritza G.

Customer Comments: I love going to petland. They are so friendly and they are always there to help you out. we got both of our puppies there. (Rottweiler and Bernese mountain dog) they are both perfectly healthy. I do recommend going there if you want to walk out with a puppy, because we did and we love them to death.

Sarah D.

Customer Comments: Petland Racine gave me and my family my adorable Puggle Mollie! When we went there the staff was very helpful and walked us through every step for bringing our Mollie home! They have a lot of fun and cool products for puppies and other pets as well. We still get her food here even though it's 45 minutes away. Mollie is a crazy puppy but we love her so much!

Martin B.

Customer Comments: They wouldn't let me get the "full" kitten experience.

Jessica P.

Customer Comments: Great store! Helped us find and learn all we needed to know about our new puppy! Why we think Lucy Annabelle is the cutest puppy ever? - Just look at this little face! Lucy loves treats and enjoys digging in our back yard with her big brother Jake (our 6 year old golden retriever.)

Cindy C.

Customer Comments: Long drive to get here, but worth it seeing that my son fell in love with the lab! We were walked through the whole thing: what we needed, personal shopper with us to go through checklist.... the experience was pretty much organized and my son says, "amazing!"

Michelle D.

Customer Comments: Petland Racine is the best! The employees are knowledgeable and attentive. Had they not been I wouldn't have my Layla. Not only were they amazing when we bought our puppy, but every time we've gone in since they remember her (and us) and ask us how shes doing and comment on how big shes gotten. I live in Kenosha, but travel to Racine Petland for all my puppy's needs because they really are that good. I cant thank Petland Racine enough for everything they have done for me and my nugget. Thank you so much, if it wasn't for your store and your AMAZING staff, I wouldn't have my baby girl today. Most places you go today, REAL customer service is a thing of the past, but not here. Now, I'm a life long customer.

Mary R.

Customer Comments: Petland is a great store with a great cause. I have never personally been there myself but friends of mine have given it many thumbs up and with wonderful compliments. From my experience with working in a vet clinic, it's always nice to know of places that give animals a respectable home and employees have knowledge of pet ownership themselves.

Renae G.

Customer Comments: I was just at Petland and the experience and the sales associates are amazing. They were very helpful and we are taking home our new family member, Couldn't be happier!!

Sarah D.

Customer Comments: Very friendly staff members! The puppy counselors seem very helpful in matching you with the right dog. Can't wait to bring home our newest addition to the family :)

Stephanie J.

Customer Comments: Petland is the best store out there for pet supplies. Even though we live 40 minutes away we always head to Petland because they have everything we need. They have great customer service and are so friendly. I always recommend Petland! Our puppy Conway is the cutest dog because he is always causing mischief but is always smiling. He loves to run around and chase leaves and eat the snow. We rescued Conway in Arkansas when we went to do tornado relief. The puppies mother and father were killed in the tornado's and Conway broke a leg and needed a cast. He was found in in Conway, Arkansas, thus how he got his name. Please vote for Conway!


Customer Comments: Contest: My name's Jenni and my little puppy Roscoe should win because he has the cutest personality and when he was born he was born with a defect that made his nose look like its twisting to the left side, and can only lick anything out of his right side which makes him all the more special to me and my little family. He's forever a small puppy for being a teacup Chihuahua. Review: Only been here once before, best pet store I've ever been to, very clean, nice employee's that are knowledgable about their animals and others. Had everything and more I needed at the time!

Tiffany R.

Customer Comments: I recently went to Petland for the first time and I loved it. I loved the quality and variety of pet toys, food, and the grooming products that they have. Everything that I bought for my puppy Giorgio, he loved. He is a friendly, obedient pup , who loves to give kisses and absolutely loves to pose for pictures. I think that a pup like him deserves to get good quality things just like what Petland offers, which is why I definitely plan to go back to Petland soon.

Lauran S.

Customer Comments: I love seeing all the pets and love the people there. This is a wonderful place to go. I am saving to get a new puppy and will defiantly be going here to get him/hermy baby my everything. His name is slayer he is a beagle/hound mix. He loves to run, swing, and go down slides. I know he is the cutest puppy :)
He can't wait to have another friend to play with :)

Madeline B.

Customer Comments: Tonight we are getting our 3rd dog from pet land. We have had a great experience working with these employees, they are very knowledgeable with all the animals they sell also very friendly. The dogs are worth every penny. All of the dogs we have are incredibly smart and great learners. We will most definitely be doing business with this company again!

Jennifer M.

Customer Comments: Buy fish and Aquatic stuff there

Lori V.

Customer Comments: The one in Racine was very helpful. My Friend and I go here a lot and play with the puppies. When I got my dog Millie (Chihuahua Japanese Chin) She was healthy and ready to eat everything. I'm so glad I found my second dog that fits my other dog and I's personality. Also my boyfriend likes coming here for the fish. Its wonderful, helpful & young people here. Such a positive attitude place! :)

Teri L.

Customer Comments: Came to Petland today to simply look at dogs, and will be leaving with a beautiful Shih Tzu. Petland is supplying us with tons of items to take home with our new addition also at a great price. Monica greeted us and helped us from beginning to the end, she is awesome!!!

Ryann B.

Customer Comments: We have Racine Petland to thank for bringing our family together. Thanks to them we have a wonderful welsh corgi named Fenri. We had talked to an associate Stacy and she remembered us when he came in. She gave us a call and we drove right over to meet him. It was love at first sight! She walked us through all the puppy basics to help prepare us and answered all of our questions.

He is now a 3 year old ball of fluff and fun, but ill never forget how cute he was as a puppy. ^_^ He loved being held and still will fall asleep in your lap. He is the cutest puppy because he has made it his job to make sure that all shoes are accounted for and none of our other dogs try to chew on them. If a pair of shoes is left away from the shoe rack we have found him lovingly watching over them like a lost sheep.

Crystal B.

Customer Comments: I had a great experience at Petland in Racine. They were very helpful in pointing us in the right direction with our puppy's dog food. As he is a large breed (Great Dane) we have to be careful what we feed him and pay close attention to the nurtitional content. The staff was very helpful in finding something that was just right so he didn't grow to fast, but received all the nutrients that he needed! Excellent customer service! great program for buying large quantities of dog food too!

Alecia S.

Customer Comments: I absolutely love the Petland in Racine! Me and my friends go there weekly to play with all the adorable little puppies. Especially when we have a test coming up and have been stressing out about college, its a great place to go to have the cute little guys brighten your day. The staff there is very helpful as well, always there to answer any questions about toys or treats that I happen to have. Overall I love visiting Petland and getting my pup the toys he loves! My puppy entered in the Cutest Puppy Contest is Jaxson the golden retriever! He’s the cutest puppy because he’s a cuddly little teddy bear! He’s just over a year and a half old now and cuddlier than ever! When you talk to him he'll talks right back, and isn’t afraid to argue :)

Ashley B.

Customer Comments: Pet Look alike contest: I entered the pet look alike contest with my seven month old Siberian Husky, Ace. He is the sweetest dog you would ever want to meet. He is loving, energetic, and very playful. He loves to play in the snow, with his brother Meeko, and his sister, Panda. I can't imagine my life without him. Review of Petland Racine: I know many people who have gotten their adorable fur babies here and they are extremely happy! Every time I have called regarding puppies the staff has been so friendly and helpful. Their puppies are in great hands! The location is very clean unlike most pet stores. I haven't experienced or heard a single bad thing about Petland Racine. If you are looking for an adorable puppy this is the place to go!

Tessa R.

Customer Comments: Great staff/service! Very happy with our experience overall.

Brianna N.

Customer Comments: We worked with Monica and she was great! Had a wonderful experience buying our new little puppy!

Aimee F.

Customer Comments: Petland in Racine is GREAT! We shopped for our new furry friend back in October and absolutely loved everything they had to offer. Not only did we get a great deal on our pet but we also got all the things we need to carry for him as well as some hints and tips when bringing a new pet home. They were able to answer all of my questions and the entire staff was very patient and friendly and really did a great job at helping us find a pet we loved. THANKS A MILLION!

Jazlyn G.

Customer Comments: Everyone is so nice and have wonderful puppies! Sadly I wasn't able to bring any home otherwise I'd get them all. Maybe next time! :)

Justin Z.

Customer Comments: Great place to buy a puppy! The staff is friendly, and they give you all the information you need to make the best choice possible. I highly recommend them!

Yaitza R.

Customer Comments: the experience here is amazing we got a puppy for my wife for mothers day and they give you a starter kit with the puppy its greatest ever!!!

Matt K.

Customer Comments: It was a great experience buying my first dog. Staff was knowledgable and extremely helpful.

Kalyn H.

Customer Comments: Cutest puppy contest: I am submitting my puppy Bilbo. He is the sweetest little King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. He is very well tempered. He is absolutely an absolutely gorgeous dog and never misses a chance to make everyone smile. Petland review: Every time I walk in the door there is always someone waiting to help me with whatever I need. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. Petland is an excellent family friendly environment for anyone with pets!

Julia K.

Customer Comments: Cutest puppy contest: Submitted about my puppy Ryder. He is the silliest, sweetest dog you'll ever meet. He loves to dive nose first into the snow and absolutely loves playing with our kitten. He never leaves my side and is a great friend. I hope you enjoy our look alike! Review: I enjoy going to petland to see all the adorable puppies and to get some of my dogs favorite toys and treats. The service is also amazing. Whenever I need help someone is there.

Shuree J.

Customer Comments: I love this store! The workers are so friendly and caring I go here quite often even though its a 45 min drive for me. My husband and I got our two mini purebred dachshund here. Luna and Ember they are the most unique dogs I have ever seen look wise. Especially Luna she was beautiful dapple fur and one blue and one brown eye I get nothing but compliments. And each time I come all the workers remember us and even call my dogs by their names! Very nice place and very educated! It was a good buy to buy my puppies and supplies here!!!

Rachelle S.

Customer Comments: Got my golden here. Took 3 hours to complete. 3,500 for puppy, shots, akc papers, basic essentials, food, and lifetime warranty.

Cheyanne D.

Customer Comments: Petland in Racine is a great pet store! They have a huge variety of supplies, pets and toys. Petland always has what I'm looking for they always have a wide variety of toys and treats for my dog. Their pet specialists are always happy to help and offer great customer service.Their puppies are the cutest too! My puppy Caesar came from Petland Racine. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. He the cutest dog because he is so lovable and happy. He always wants to play and loves to cuddle! He loves meeting new people and playing with other dogs.He loves to chase squirrels and leaves! Caesar is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Anna D.

Customer Comments: Cutest Puppy Contest: I submitted my puppy Miya. She is a Japanese Chin. She has such a unique cute face. She loves trying to steal my food and playing with our cat. She loves our family just like we love her as part of our family.

Review: Petland Racine is great to go to. I got my 3 year old dog there and she is the sweetest dog I've ever met. The staff is very helpful and kind. I also enjoy being able to just look at the dogs. The only problem is wanting to buy all of them.

Robyn F.

Customer Comments: We came to Petland just to look at this husky I'd been eyeing up for a little over a week. Obviously we fell in love with her immediately and ended up getting her. Our adoption councilor was GREAT! Very knowledgable and friendly and let us know our options. I really appreciated that they supplied us with an abundance of information about where the puppy came from, the parents, the breeder, etc. as well as her activity while in the store. Since our puppy had loose stools for a few days, they suggested she stay there to see the vet rather than send her home with us and have to deal with that right off the bat. AMAZING service!

Arianne W.

Customer Comments: Petland of Racine has a wonderful staff that is very willing to answer any and all questions you may have! Very reliable and always willing to help! Love this place :)

My pup's name is Jake, he's a four month old Golden Retriever who we drove all the way to West Virginia to pick up! He is full of love and extremely well behaved for such a young pup. He is my first puppy and I love the way he sleeps on the pillows above my head at night and how he pounces on my phone when the alarm goes off in the morning, much like I do when I'm not ready to get up and I want it to shut off! As you can tell from the picture, Jake absolutely LOVES Christmas and the holiday season!

Michael B.

Customer Comments: Our family spent about 6 weeks going in and out of Petland Racine. We spent hours with a variety of pups and had a lot of discussion with the staff. We found the store to be clean and always full of customers. My wife and I had several discussions with the store owner, Adam. He has been with Petland for 20 years and took over this store 3 years ago. He answered our questions on their breeders to include how pups were raised, space for them, transportation to the store, and the tracking of genetic defects. A number of photos with information were available on many of the breeders they used. I took Petland for their word and did not personally check into each breeder. A vet I play tennis with and not associated with Petland, told me he has seen some excellent dogs come from the store.

We decided to buy two pups, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a miniature Australian Sheppard. The Aussie was vibrantly healthy and the Cavalier had the slightest hint of a puppy cough (which they made aware to us from the start and which they provided medication). The animal was cleared by their vet the day we brought him home.

The dogs were expensive compared to buying from a local breeder, but Adam did some trimming of the cost for a number of reasons. I think the full range of support with access to a variety of pups, microchip registration, confidence in the AKC/APRI, their research into their breeders, warranties, education aids and the several vet screenings done on each animal, offset things I wasn't sure I would get from a local breeder. How long would it take me to truly be informed on all those areas?

Petland employee Natalie, spent a whopping 2.5 hours with us the night we brought the dogs home, covering the myriad of details that need to be addressed. All in all, so far as we don't run into any future issues that aren't handled properly, the experience was VERY positive. Most importantly, WE LOVE THE NEW PUPS

Michael B.

Customer Comments: This is the best Petland I've ever been to! The employees are very knowledgeable on pets, know what they're talking about and are always eager to help when needed. It's very obvious they care about the health for the pets in the store, all the small animals are very well socialized so they're easy to pick up and handle! The Puppies are my favorite part about coming to the store though of course! They are all so happy and look very healthy! They do a wonderful job taking care of the puppies. This location has photo binders of the store owner actually going out and meeting the breeders they work with, it's great to see that they all come from good and happy places. I would highly recommend getting your pets here, the staff makes sure you're all set to go home with your pets and meeting their needs. Love this place!!

April M.

Customer Comments: Its awesome. We have gotten 4 dogs and now 2 fish. Everyone is so friendly

Gregory B.

Customer Comments: Great clean mall wide selection.

Marissa S.

Customer Comments: Just found a new puppy, to bring home from petland racine. recieved amazing service, very happy. Cant wait to enjoy our new siberian husky puppy, thanks petland.!!

Bianca R.

Customer Comments: Coming to Petland was a great experience. The staff was super helpful and knowledgeable! And our puppy is absolutely the cutest!! Petland is a great place to find an awesome companion!

Brittany L.

Customer Comments: amazing place, easy to use facebook page and good deals and great pets

Madison A.

Customer Comments: I was pleasantly surprised going into Petland to look for a puppy. We were helped by Natalie, and she went above and beyond to help us find our puppy to take home. She was extremely helpful, and walked us through finding the right puppy for us, and how to finance him. When it was time to take him home Natalie spent multiple hours with me picking out the right things that I needed to make him comfortable in our house, and instructions on how to train him. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Petland. Thank you!

Jacob R.

Customer Comments: Purchased a Golden today, to say the least, the amount of professionalism that we received was amazing. Their puppies are not only well taken care of from a health perspective, their play logs and food logs, were amazing. It is obvious that this establishment cares about the animals health and psychological needs. My family and I were truly Impressed. Highly recommend them if you are in the market or thinking about getting a new family pet.

Rachael D.

Customer Comments: So excited to bring my new baby home! Everyone was GREAT here!

Chris L.

Customer Comments: I never thought I would get a puppy from a pet store, but these people are so great! Knowledgeable and very attentive. Brianna is the best!!

Sierra K.

Customer Comments: I just got my third puppy from here! All the employees are so welcoming and knowledgeable. They helped me pick out all the right items for my new puppy and gave me lots of information on the breed because I have never had this breed before. I now feel very confident about bringing my new family member home. Thank you Petland! It is much appreciated (:

Kimi M.

Customer Comments: Everyone was very nice and informative with the puppy and their background. The puppies were well taken care of.

Kylie G.

Customer Comments: Easy enough! Everything was easily explained and presented in a clear manner. Glad to bring home our new furry friend!

Tonya S.

Customer Comments: adapoted my new goldendoodle today at petland and was very satified friendly and help staff really cute and well taken care of pets would recomend to anyone.

Elizabeth R.

Customer Comments: Danielle and Anna were amazing at helping us find our little Macie.

Raymond S.

Customer Comments: We purchased a Morkie from Petland in Racine , Wi. Alyssa was wonderful she was very informative and patient with us on our new addition to our family Sandy. She really should get commision for Her wonderful work. It was a wonderful experience.

Scott G.

Customer Comments: This is the best pet store in the world. I had a blast here!

Brian M.

Customer Comments: Everyone at Petland Racine was extremely helpful. They took the time to answer all of our questions and were very knowledgeable. Monica was very helpful as well along with the rest of the staff. Thank you!

Alyssa P.

Customer Comments: Awesome, Brad did so great. Couldn't be happier with my new puppy!

Jynna S.

Customer Comments: We bought a beautiful black and white shih tzu a week ago and we are in love!! She's already potty trained and getting alone real well! Vet checked out great (there's and mine) she takes her vitamins (which are important for any dog or puppy) and just loves them! This is the second pup my family has purchased at petland and we had no problems with that one also! Some of these bad reviews are ridiculous, reserch the breed before you buy it and you would know what genetic problems most of them have you can't blame the pet store 2 plus years after you bought the puppy! I bought 2 pups and adopted 2 pups and have had minor problems with them over the years and of course I didn't blame the store or adoption shelters I got them from! Thank you for our new addition she's just great!!! 2500 was a fair price to me iv check breeders and they are about that for the same quality of puppy!

Harry T.

Customer Comments: We bought today Shih tzu puppy 9 weeks old from petland racine wisconsin, we got assisted by Brianna. She was wonderfull assitant manager, and helped us understanding all about the puppy and his needs, we are glad we saw her, i was really appreciated and will come for another puppy or pets here.

Cliff B.

Customer Comments: I choose petland Racine over any other fish store in Racine. Most of there fish are locally breed. They stand behind anything they sell. Great prices. Mark in the fish department is very knowledgeable. This guy really knows his fish!! I can't say enough great things about them. I have a beautiful planted tank thanks to them(Mark).

Bailee B.

Customer Comments: So many different breeds of dogs! I love it here. And even if you aren't interested in buying you can still come and play with them!

Darlene H.

Customer Comments: Have "Aussie" news: We found our new family member Bear. Bear is an Australian/Shepard "Aussie" that is the most cutest, lovable and playful puppy that we are truly blessed to add to our family.

Andrew D.

Customer Comments: Clean, experienced staff. Dogs have full history including pictures of parents and their OFA certifications. Thourghly vetted breeders. Recommended.

Cassie M.

Customer Comments: Just adopted our mini doxie. Great service from Kaitlyn. Cleanly and knowledgeable.

Christi A.

Customer Comments: This was the best experience that my mom and I had. All of the staff was very knowledgeable and willing to go over and beyond making us happy!!! Thank you very much and our new puppy will be loved!!!!

Christine M.

Customer Comments: This was the best experience that my mom and I had. All of the staff was very knowledgeable and willing to go over and beyond making us happy!!! Thank you very much and our new puppy will be loved!!!!

Katie W.

Customer Comments: Anna and Adam were wonderful guiding us to the perfect match for our family. I had hesitations about buying from a pet store, but the extensive history they provided about our new pup and his family put my mind at ease. I wouldn't think twice about coming back!

Marlyd Velez

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Date of Purchase: 11/16/2014
Customer Comments: Excellent experience, 1st time being to a pet store, everyone was very nice, very clean, smelt nice, Jackson was very informative, very helpful, patient and nice.

Kymberlie Comstock

Breed: Chihuahua-Pomeranian
Date of Purchase: 11/15/2014
Customer Comments: I had a really awesome time Kendra was very nice knew a lot about dogs and let us know a ton of information to help with having a new puppy.

John and Raynee Keil

Breed: Border Collie
Date of Purchase: 11/14/2014

Justin Anthony

Breed: Siberian Husky
Date of Purchase: 11/13/2014
Customer Comments: Wonderful experience, Teresa and Greg were both super helpful and friendly, just overall so kind.

Amy Naber

Breed: Golden Retriever
Date of Purchase: 11/13/2014
Customer Comments: It was very good they were very knowledgeable and the service was great!

Cullen Brookins

Breed: Dachshund
Date of Purchase: 11/10/2014
Customer Comments: “Puppy is doing great, going Mon. 9am to the AHUG Excellent experience, Greg was very friendly, and helpful.”

Kathie Vyvyan

Breed: Italian Greyhound
Date of Purchase: 11/8/2014
Customer Comments: Brooke was absolutely wonderful she helped us out a ton and made our visit the best it could ever be.

Tom Buenik

Breed: Goldendoodle
Date of Purchase: 11/8/2014
Customer Comments: robotic like voice, tried calling again same thing, bad connection.

Kalyn Harewood

Breed: Cavalier King Charles
Date of Purchase: 11/8/2014
Customer Comments: Really good experience everyone was very helpful, the owner was very friendly and informative.

Eric Kuhart

Breed: Dachshunds
Date of Purchase: 11/7/2014
Customer Comments: Very good experience at the store, Manager and new girl were so sweet and helpful.